Microwaving your clothes

In the never-ending quest to cut the time spent on domestic chores, researchers are trying to bring the benefits of microwave energy to the laundry room. In a home with a relatively new refrigerator, the clothes dryer usually uses more energy than any other home appliance. An electric clothes dryer draws between 4,000 and 6,000 watts (60 eurocent/ hour). A microwave-only cycle was found to increase efficiency while decreasing cycle time and temperature for small loads and delicate fabrics.

There are still some problems with metal objects such as coins… Ongoing work to further reduce the likelihood of damage to clothing has identified methods of controlling and/or preventing the conditions that result in fabric damage.

Some experts in the microwave heating community have doubts about the long term viability of microwave clothes drying, while others express optimism by comparing the challenges to those overcome by the microwave oven in its early days. Noting how consumers have accepted and adapted to the microwave oven, the most likely scenario will be an evolution in consumer laundry habits and the birth of an entirely new industry of clothing and laundry products developed expressly for the microwave clothes dryer.


How long do you think it will take before we see this technology in our own homes?

Source: http://www.appliancemagazine.com/editorial.php?article=150&zone=first=1


4 thoughts on “Microwaving your clothes

  1. It is hard to say how long this will in our home, or may I say until another Jobs is willing to sell this. People would like to buy things other people buy once it will become the mainstream of our living habit. For me, if this technology will reduce the consumption of the energy with a acceptable high price, I will buy one when there are more than three company selling it. _(:з」∠)_

  2. 4000-6000 watts? I think normally you don’t get more than 15 A out of a socket, which limits a possible machine’s consumption to 3500 W (I think).
    I hope it won’t be too long and it would also be nice if the concept of the big tumble dryer can be changed to a somewhat more space-efficient machine. Maybe a collapsible system?

  3. @titint: how about splitting that 4000 watts over e.g. 2 hours? this would mean 2000wh is needed every hour -> 2kwh most outlets handle that without any problem….

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