Microwave Technology in Diagnostic Imaging?

Microwave Technology in Diagnostic Imaging?

As you probably already know by now, microwave technology has a lot more applications than just heating up food. Here is another one already in development…

Researchers are studying and testing new ways to get good images of human tissue. These images can be used to detect anomalies such as cancer.

One area they are currently exploring is microwave technology. The same basic technology used in microwave ovens can be used to create an image of breast tissue. By sending very low levels of microwave energy through tissue, researchers can form a three-dimensional image.These images capture the dielectric properties of the tissue, which translates into detecting tumors or other aberrations.

If you’re interested, you can watch this short movie where Keith Paulson gives us more information about cancer imaging. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmm2JPbOG8I

This is still a pilot study, but it helps researchers to get a better understanding of the amazing possibilities of microwave technology.

New treatments in cancer research are scarce, a potential new detection system for cancer cells is a very good development for the sector!



2 thoughts on “Microwave Technology in Diagnostic Imaging?

  1. Another new surprising technology, things like the microwave technology can be used on human body more and more. Having seen the video, there are many kinds of imaging technology. Could you please maybe introduce some advantages of microwave imaging over other technology? Like CT. What I am considering is this technology seems don’t need to inject some other things into our body except for those waves. _(:з」∠)_

  2. Microwave technology can produce images of bones that correlate to other more commonly used techniques that measure bone density, like X-ray, ultrasound, or CT.

    Here is a short overview of the different known imaging technologies:

    * X-Rays (cheap, short duration, dangerous)
    X-Rays are largely used to examine broken bones. Can also be used to detect diseased tissues. The powerful rays have the ability to create birth defects and diseases and can also alter the DNA.

    * MRI (expensive, long duration, no danger)
    MRI is suited for Soft tissue evaluation, e.g. ligament and tendon injury, spinal cord injury, brain tumors etc.

    * CT (price in between, duration in between, little dangerous)
    CT is able to image bone, soft tissue and blood vessels all at the same time. The effective radiation dose from CT ranges from 2 to 10 mSv, which is about the same as the average person receives from background radiation in 3 to 5 years.

    * Ultrasound (price in between, duration in between, no danger)
    Ultrasounds are usually not used for bony structures. Instead they are used for internal organs of the body. Ultrasound has no radiation.

    => Microwave imaging is a technique that exploits different properties of the tissue. I think you are able to get the same results as with X-ray without the dangerous radiation. But since the study only included two people, it’s difficult to make strong conclusions.

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