Gamification vs. Automation

Gamification is attractive in industries where a lot of menial work is required. How do you keep your employees engaged when their daily work isn’t always interesting and rarely varies? How do you appeal to employees who already live in a gamified environment, earning foursquare badges and runkeeper achievements? How do you foster competition between employees to be more productive when you can’t immediately shower them with direct financial rewards? Gamification sure seems like an answer to all of these problems. If you can somehow make the work more “fun”, then surely these problems would recede.

The theory of gamification is great, but the business case is a lot harder to implement. It’s difficult to gamify enterprise applications, building rewards and badges and point systems and attractive graphical interfaces and so on and so forth. Why would you go through all of that trouble though, when you can simply automate out the least exciting, most mundane of the work?

Even when you go through all of the trouble of gamifying a process, you still have attrition in a gamified environment. Employees will still get bored with flashy games and competition the same way they always jump to the newest smartphone app or social media tool.

So, why invest heavily in gamifying a standard process for your employees when you can replace the human element altogether?

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